Happy Heifer is back!

So, I’ve neglected Happy Heifer for quite a while. And by quite a while…I mean 2+ years. Oops. But, I’m back and ready for action! There are so many new and exciting things going on in my life that I’ll try to sum it up in one, brief, little post. And elaborate at a later date.   Here goes 🙂

1.) Met the man of my dreams. Well, we met back in 1993 when he was born, and have known each other growing up. Only recently did we fall love.

jordan and i

2.) Above pictured man and I started our own little family on October 15, 2013.


This is Kennedy Bell, and she is just as cute in person as she is in this picture. I don’t know how we got so lucky to have a gorgeous tiny human that hardly ever cries. She smiles so much that I swear her cheeks have to hurt by noon on any given day.  Don’t worry, there will be picture overload of her on a regular basis.


The above 2 are the biggest, and most exciting events that have happened. There are several more since 2012 though…I moved, started a new job, bought a new car, paid off a student loan (yay!), started my own business, was in a wedding, moved again, got engaged (yippee!), learned to crochet (kind of), got a dog…and the list goes on.   I hope to get a routine down here soon and post eventually everyday sharing all of my nonsense knowledge. Believe me, I have  A LOT of it!